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Neck Gaiters for Men and Women | What Can Neck Gaiters be Used For?

What Can Neck Gaiters be Used For?

Neck Gaiters have many uses other than wearing around your neck as a scarf for warmth. Neck gaiters can also be used for protection from outside elements while you're mowing, doing construction, fishing, as a dust mask, sun guard, face mask and more.

What is a Neck Gaiter?

A neck gaiter is a closed tube of fabric that can be made of materials such as synthetic wicking, wool and knit material. It is called a neck gaiter because it is slipped on and off over your head down to around your neck. Most neck gaiters are cut long enough to allow you to pull it over your mouth and ears for protection against wind and other elements.

What are Different Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter?

Neck gaiters can be worn many different ways. Your imagination is your only limit. You can use your neck gaiter as a headband, scarf, a bandana, around your wrist, over your mouth or whatever you come up with that fits your uniqueness.

When Can Neck Gaiters be Worn?

Since neck gaiters have so many different ways that you can use them, they can be worn pretty much anytime that you see fit. Being that most of us are in the house these days there aren't a lot of outdoor activities going on that you can wear your neck gaiter for like running, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing or skiing. Once things start to open up, neck gaiters perfect for these types of activities.

Also, if you are a person who does workouts at home you can use your neck gaiter as a headband to keep sweat out of your face. You can also wrap it around your wrist and use it to wipe your sweat away from your face while working out. Wear your neck gaiter whenever you feel the urge to.

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